Ready to experience a new level of self confidence and appreciation of your whole being?

You’re invited to join this intimate gathering of women who are choosing to embrace the skin they’re in through the practice of ritual undressing. In our safe and sacred temple space of The Love Lab, we’ll explore the familial, cultural, and religious messages that encourage us to hide, camouflage, and manage our bodies in a way that supports the illusion that we are not enough.

Gently, with great compassion, we’ll witness and be witnessed as we reveal the naked truth of who we are beneath our clothes, heal our personal & collective wounding in relationship to our bodies, and stand united in the power of authentic sisterhood.

in this special DISCOVERY CIRCLE, you’ll EXPERIENCE

  • increased self love & acceptance

  • a new level of confidence & empowerment

  • healing of personal & collective wounding in relationship to our bodies

  • dissolution of body shame & insecurity

  • a sense of freedom & liberation

  • increased immunity to messages of unworthiness or inferiority by media & marketing agendas as well personal, familial, cultural, and religious conditioning

  • joyful, intimate connection with other women who are also devoted to their own embodied awakening

  • a reclaiming of life energy previously spent managing one’s image

Tuition Investment: $200
Group size limited to 5 women


So, wait… naked?


What exactly do you mean by “naked?”

In this case the word naked refers to both the fact that we will be undressing to a state of complete nudity over the course of our time together as well as revealing our tender, undefended hearts in relationship to this practice of ritual undressing.

Do I have to get completely naked?

The short answer — yes, that is the intention here. This circle is for women who, although it may scare the s%*t out of them to think about stripping down in front of other people, are ready to experience the healing, liberation, and empowerment that comes from revealing what they would normally keep under wraps.

That being said, safety is our priority and in the case that something comes up for you during the experience that genuinely prevents you from fully participating, you will be supported in honoring your sense of what’s right for you. If you are interested in The Naked Circle and want to confirm that you are ready for the experience, please feel free to check in with Coco before you register.

Will we be naked the whole time?

No. We’ll spend a good amount of time relaxing, getting comfortable with each other, sharing from our hearts, and exploring our relationships to our bodies before we begin the undressing ritual. Rather than quickly stripping off our clothes and sitting together in a naked version of a traditional women’s circle, we’ll focus on the act of undressing itself as a powerful opportunity to see what arises as we reveal ourselves, to witness and be witnessed, to heal our personal and collective wounds, and to step into our full power as women with nothing to hide. We’ll put our clothes back on toward the end of the circle and spend some time integrating the experience before we say goodbye.

What if I get cold?

The room is heated and we’ll have a space heater for extra warmth. We invite you to bring a cozy shawl that you can wrap up in should you need to for your physical comfort.

Is this a sexual thing?

While our sexual nature is an essential part of who we are and therefore is not excluded from our embrace, The Naked Circle is not intended as a sexual experience, and we will not be practicing genital touch or engaging in sexual exploration.

I already have a lot of confidence in myself and my body. What’s in it for me?

First of all, right on! We celebrate your confidence, and at the very least, we invite you to participate as a way of modeling that confidence for other women. And, it’s not often that we have the opportunity to gather with other women in a safe and sacred space to explore what comes up when we intentionally bare ourselves, so why not?

Lastly, The Naked Circle encourages women to discover a new level of confidence that is not based on how well we disguise our perceived flaws with clothing & accessories, but rather on our essential goodness & authenticity. If you have a sense that your confidence is at all contingent upon certain parts of you being camouflaged, this is the circle for you!

More questions? Happy to answer them! Reach Coco here.


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