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Whole-hearted adventures

Coaching, circles, workshops, retreats, and more

For permission to trust your gut, celebrate your body, and move in the world with confidence and joy, discover the experiences we offer at She’s Ready to Rise. Each adventure is passionately guided by empowerment coach, Coco Rosenblatt-Farrell, M. Ed.

Personal Coaching

Private, in-person or virtual

  • One-time or ongoing 60-minute coaching sessions

  • Personalized to your needs and situation in life

  • May be held in-person in Durham, North Carolina or virtually via phone or Zoom video chat, anywhere in the world

Interested? We invite you to have a complimentary “curiosity call” with Coco.
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“Since our sessions began, I’ve experienced new depths of satisfaction and pleasure in my daily life, and they keep getting deeper.”

“Words cannot express how awesome Coco is. Working one-on-one with her has launched me to a whole new level of self-love and empowerment.

She is bright, experienced, and knowledgeable, and has a powerful ability to heal and transform her clients within an environment of safety, comfort, and compassion. She brings her own genuine curiosity, playfulness and personal experience to her work, which not only strengthens the quality of her offerings, but also helps her clients feel more at ease and understood in her presence.”

- Allie Dryja (Victoria, Australia) -

Discovery Circles

Special events, series, and private offerings


Some say the circle allows us to experience the pleasure of simultaneously being oneself and belonging to something larger.

  • Exciting, fun and moving gatherings of women offered regularly in three formats here in Durham, North Carolina:

    • one-time special events

    • ongoing weekly and monthly series

    • personalized, private events (host and gather your own community!)

  • Often hosted in The Love Lab, our dedicated space for empowerment coaching and adventure

Curious to attend an event or host a private Discovery Circle?
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 “Coco makes a ‘safe space for the soul’.”

“I have known Coco for several years now, and have been encircled by her, and in circle with her at every opportunity available to me.  I trust her instincts to be led to the ‘right’ choices, and I trust her intelligence, both intellectual and emotional, to create safety for all who hear her call and think: ‘hmmm … maybe that sounds good … maybe I’ll try that.’

DO.  DO try it.  Trust that impulse.

In Parker Palmer’s words, Coco makes “a safe space for the soul,” and that is something, my friends, that we need more and more of in this world.”

- MARGARET CAMPION (Chapel Hill, NC) -


Experiential learning in-person and online

  • Discover experiential learning and community building at a She’s Ready to Rise workshop

  • Regularly offered online and in-person in the NC Triangle area (Durham, NC)

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 “I was looking for a way to express myself in an accepting community, and that’s exactly what Coco has created.”

“I'm so glad I saw a flyer for ‘Hips Don't Lie’ in the spring of 2014 and followed my instinct to check out the Love Lab. I was looking for a way to express myself in an accepting community, and that's exactly what Coco has created with her warm and wise facilitation. Coco offers a unique haven for reclaiming a full range of spiritual and embodied practice, and I hope that many people are able to benefit from the wide range of offerings.”



Half-day, full-day, and multi-day adventures

  • Dive deep with yourself and others in our juicy retreats

  • Regularly offered at various relaxing locations including Durham, NC

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Mentoring and Consulting

Coco also offers private support and guidance to coaches, group leaders, and facilitators who want to build more effective relationships with their clients. Set some time with Coco below, and she can explore the best ways to help you.